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Consultant II: Desk Review of Existing Equipment Inventories Across Supported Labs Activity

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Management Sciences for Health (MSH)

POSITION: Consultant II: Desk Review of Existing Equipment Inventories Across Supported Labs Activity

JOB TYPE: Full-time


SALARY: Competitive


AGE LIMIT: No age restrictions



Job ID: 13-10766
Location: Abuja
Grade: Consultant
Group/Office: PDG (Program Delivery Group)
Dept/Unit: PDGGEN - Program Delivery Group
Project/Program: A607 - Nigeria Global Fund RSSH
Reports To: Director Lab


  • The overarching aim of the GF Resilient & Sustainable Systems for Health [RSSH] project is to improve the health and well-being of the Nigerian people by identifying and addressing systemic issues affecting the optimal delivery of health services in Nigeria.
  • The resulting high-level interventions have been designed to follow the Global Fund’s framework for [RSSH] that is built on the essential building blocks of WHO for a well-functioning health system, including community systems strengthening (CSS) as another critical component to be addressed in support of RSSH.
  • The RSSH grant is designed to strengthen the Nigerian health system across the HIV, TB, and Malaria program areas. In doing so it'll have interventions targeted at the HMIS, PSM & Lab system strengthening areas. There's also the additional dimension of the innovative "State approach" to be piloted in the three states of Oyo, Kaduna & Imo. The state approach covers elements like public financial management, support for health insurance and health sector coordination among others.
  • Laboratory system strengthening aims to improve laboratory operations for optimal patient care, treatment, disease surveillance and response, biosafety and policy development. One key component of laboratory systems strengthening is improving Laboratory Infrastructure and Equipment. Knowing the status of equipment in existence forms the basis for designing improvement approaches that would be required in the laboratory space in Nigeria. Desk review of existing equipment platforms in laboratories in Nigeria is required as an important part of the assessment. By collecting, organizing, synthesizing available information on equipment in these facilities helps to understand the equipment situation in these laboratories and identify gaps to address.
  • Thus, the purpose of this desk review is to enhance understanding of the equipment platforms in these laboratories and their appropriateness, relevance and adequacy to support the test menu for the level of health care delivery in the facilities.
  • Ultimately, it is hoped that this desk review can contribute to a broader understanding of the equipment situation in Nigeria with the aim of putting appropriate systems in place to ensure standardized approach to procurement, placement and management of equipment in the country.

Specific Responsibilities
The objectives of the review are to:

  • Enhance understanding of the equipment platforms in the selected laboratories
  • Determine adequacy of available platforms for the level of service being provided
  • Determine functionality and non-functionality status of available equipment
  • Identify the obsolete equipment requiring decommissioning.

Specific Terms of Reference

  • Undertake a thorough review of existing equipment platforms for HIV, TB, Malaria and other assays as appropriate for that level of care in selected laboratories
  • Determine the adequacy of available equipment to support the test menu appropriate for the level of care of the health facility.
  • Prepare detailed report of gaps observed vis-à-vis international best practice considering present country realities.
  • Mapping of existing equipment and number of tests
  • Mapping of grant-supported equipment per facility with a description of all active partners supporting the laboratory systems in the facility
  • Identify functional, non-functional and obsolete equipment per facility requiring decommissioning.
  • Provide comprehensive report of the consultancy


  • Expected completion Period: Consultancy will span the period August - September 2019
  • Estimated level of effort: 10 working days in total.


  • The consultant is expected to produce or accomplish the following:
  • Prepare detailed report of all consultations
  • Prepare a detailed design/scope and strategy employed in the desk review of equipment in the selected laboratories
  • Report of the desk review of equipment in these selected facility that includes:
  • Complete inventory of equipment per facility
  • List of functional and non-functional equipment
  • List of obsolete equipment requiring decommissioning
  • Make recommendations on equipment management in Nigeria based on findings.

Qualifications and Experience

  • A Degree in Health Sciences, Laboratory Sciences or Biomedical Engineering.
  • A post graduate degree in a relevant field will be an added advantage.

Essential Experience required:

  • Must be familiar with Nigerian healthcare delivery systems and structures especially as it relates to laboratory services and equipment management.
  • Demonstrable Experience in managing laboratory equipment in health care services
  • Verifiable evidence of performance in similar jobs: Desk review of equipment inventory

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