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With Increasing number of job applications, recruiters now use smarter tools to screen CVs and select candidates who are best fit for job vacancies. With the use of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), recruiters now can filter numerous CVs within few minutes and pick candidates whose CVs match the job requirements. The ATS is able to do this by considering the keywords, experience, educational background and other set criteria for the job.

Having years of experience and/or educational background may not be sufficient to land you your dream job as recruiters are mostly interested in what you can do and that is revealed in the keywords on your CV.

Panther.ng is here to help you!

We will provide you:

  • Latest Job Openings in various companies;
  • Help you create a CV yourself online – pretty cool right?
  • Help you with keywords to optimize your CV to fit a desired job.
How to search a job

On the home page, click on the job menu. This will take you to the numerous job openings. You can filter these jobs by using any of the filter buttons on the left side of the page.

Create a CV
  • Sign in into your dashboard here http://panther.ng/applicant/login
  • Click on create CV.
  • Select the CV style option you want.
  • Select if you want to create a CV from scratch or use existing CV on your computer. If you want to use existing CV, use the upload button to load the CV to begin.
  • Supply and edit all relevant information. Use the back/next buttons to navigate all through the process. Review information provided and download your CV!
Match your CV

For you to do this, you must have logged in and have a CV in your dashboard. If you don’t have a CV, click here to see how to create one.

  • Search for a job you wish
  • Click on the Match CV link or button and there you have your match result!

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