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Panther.ng is an online consultant for job-seekers and those who want to progress in their career. We offer job openings adverts, and CV optimization services.

Before you use this site, please read the terms and conditions below:

Panther.ng as defined as Panther.ng” or “we” and “You” refers to “client”, “Job-seeker”, “Employer”, “Premium user” depending on the item

In order for you to review how best you fit for any job advertised here on Panther.ng, we have deployed an algorithm that compares details on your CV with job descriptions. Please note that any review done is not the opinion of the employer and therefore, does not infer losing or gaining the job position herein advertised.

We will keep updating the algorithm and extend its capacity from time to time. We may not inform you when this occurs. Any update on the algorithm may change the outcomes of previous CV matches and as such new results may differ from old results. We would not be liable for this at any point in time.

We will be sending you job alerts. The extent of setting your preferences is dependent on the premium services you are choosing. We hope to do this every time new jobs meeting your preferred requirements appears however, we do not promise the frequency by which this will be done and will not be liable if job alerts are not sent to you at any point in time. Also, we would not be liable for job alerts which are not delivered as a results of system malfunctioning or internet services or wrong email address and any other reason that may cause this.

Our premium services are offered in 2 bouquets – one for 3 months and the other for 6 months. Please read through the services provided under each premium before purchasing any. We will not be liable for any loss whether in profit or revenue or in any other form arising from the ignorance of this. If you are not clear with any of the services under each premium or do not understand how each premium works, please do contact us at customerservice@Panther.com.ng.

We will try within our possible best to ensure that every information on this site is authentic however, we do not take responsibility for any error, omission, fraud, and/or damage that make occur from your use of this site. We would not be liable for any loss arising from this

All jobs are advertised with their expiry dates. We do not however determine when the position as that solely is determined by the employer. We may also not know when the position is filled. We are therefore not responsible for any situations that may arise from this. We hope to keep updating every job advert but we do not guarantee absolute correctness of the job postings.

All our premium services are offered on cash basis. Once you opt for any of our premiums, we will send you a notification and also an email containing the account to pay into. You may also use any of the available payment gateways on the site which may come with a fee. We advise you confirm the account number and ensure its accuracy before making payment. We will not be liable for any loss arising from your negligence or payment to wrong account number.

Every information provided on this site whether of its users and/or its services are only meant for the purpose of information and you do not have the right to sell or use them for any fraudulent or scandalous or blackmailing purpose.

Every information received about job-seekers on this site are and must be used for employment purpose only. We do not permit you to use these information for trade, or to send unwarranted emails or text messages or to use for any other reason that may bring about any loss to the owner of the information.