How to balance your 9 – 5 job with a side hustle

Having a regular “9 – 5” is enough work already in itself, however, we sometimes need an extra income source by the side just to settle the bills or pursue a long-desired passion.

You may have heard a lot of seminars and presentations by people who quit their regular jobs to pursue a business idea they had and may have even built a passive idea that having a regular job is somewhat like a curse (blah blah blah blah blah). Anyways, the truth is you can always pursue a desired business while still retaining your 9 – 5, especially if the extra cash from the job can come in handy for that business. You will always need that financial strength at the start of any business, so the stable cash can come in handy.


If you have been considering this route you need to know the things involved in effectively doing this. Running a business requires some level of commitment and it can come with its challenges as well, so you must understand that combining the two can be quite some work, however, quite a number of people have walked this path successfully (though at some point one may have to bow to the other) so you’ve got some company. Some of the work involved includes spending extra hours after the day’s work at the office to tidy up some of your personal business, spending time on the phone to monitor how the business is doing, saving up to invest in your business, switching between tabs in your internet browser more often than normal, learning or improving a new skill during weekends (which means your Saturdays are no longer free) and so on. Honestly, to combine any of these with work, you MUST be willing to put in the required work and dedication.

Before starting a side hustle, you should determine why you are doing it, is it just for extra cash?, is it to give expression to a desired business? This will help you either stay or re-strategize when things are not going smoothly. Have a goal. Then you should consider delegating roles to other people, this will help you focus on some other things while at work such that you only have to monitor how things are going at your business without being actively involved in the running around, this may cost you some money but it can be worth a lot more than that in the end as you get to save both time and energy. You should also consider spending some of your free time at work to take care of the business’ operations, like lunchtime, the early hours of the day before everyone gets busy, and so on. Consider working on your way to work with your phone as well (this works well if you are probably a content creator or a blogger, its the same, isn’t it?). The point of all this is to save as much time as possible and utilize as much free time as possible for focusing on your business or side hustle.


We hope we have been able to give some advice on how to combine your regular 9 – 5 with your side hustle. Till we meet again, make sure all you do is profitable!