5 things you should do during an interview

  1. Preparing for an interview is usually marked with quite a number of questions, such as how to look, what questions to ask, what companies are looking for in applicants and so on. In this article we will be looking at a few things you should before and during an interview, as always, without further ado, let’s delve in!

1. Do tangible research about the company. Before going for any interview, make sure you find out about the intended company, make a google search,ask questions, find out their services, their staff, their welfare and how you intend to add value to their available value offering. You need this because you don’t want to get before the panel looking lost about the company and what you do.

2. Look good and show some intent. Don’t go dressing for an interview like you just wanted to take a stroll down your street or you are off to some grocery store. Look interview-worthy. In places where corporate-casual outfits are allowed, like tech companies and creative agencies, look smart still. In more corporate organizations such as banks and other financial or professional services firms, wear your shirts and trousers with a tie and jacket for guys and for ladies, a nice looking gown just about does the trick. Also, when at the interview, show that you are completely in the interview. Put your heart to every word, digest every question and answer smartly and enthusiastically, make the interviewer notice your interest in her questions and that you are thoughtful in your responses as well.

3. Prepare for some behavioral questions. Most companies are not just on the lookout for intelligent people, they are also out for people who can demostrate good character and this starts even from the interview process. During your interview, have the right body language, give the right facial expressions, look into the eyes of your interviewer. When asked about times you demonstrated some persistence or integrity, give suitable examples, use real-life experiences in doing this, hammer on how you were able to demonstrate such quality and not just the story alone.

4. Make most of the “tell us about yourself” question. Most people, when they hear this question,they begin to talk about their families, their backgrounds, how much they love dogs and hat cats and the likes. While these are awesome things to know about you, the question is, how relevant are they to your application? Not so much. So when asked this question at an interview, give answers that relate to the job, such as telling how you have been able to exhibit leadership qualities in the past, what skills you have learnt, how awesome you are communicating with people and working in a team, how great your negotiating skills are and things of that same manner, these are what your interviewer wants to hear.

5. Finally, Go with a copy of your resume and review it well. It is safe to go to your interview center with a copy of your resume, per-adventure, your recruiter has misplaced the copy earlier sent. Hand her your copy and spare her the embarrassment, who knows, this may show you as being a proactive person. Also, do a thorough review of your skills and experience so you don’t appear like a liar during the process.

As always,the list is inexhaustible but these few tips come in handy when attending an interview and following them may be the link between you and your next job. Check out fresh vacancies on our website


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