Effects of the office environment on employee productivity

It’s amazing to note that top companies, and some startups too, are constantly looking for better and cost-effective ways of being more productive as well as enhacing employee-growth, and one trend these days is the open-spaces setting most businesses employ today, some of them really remind you of your days in kindergarten. Many studies have shown how these office settings have had their tow on productivity, both negatively and positively.

While open spaces boost communication and random or spontaneous innovation, research¬†has also shown that the most productive people at the workplace want their privacy. They want to be able to focus on their tasks for the day, in reality, we deceive ourselves by saying we are able to multitask but truely all we do at any particular point-in-time is focus on just one thing. Productivity at the workplace is boosted by focus, just try to give a particular task one full hour of focus, you’d find out that to be the most productive hour of that day.

It will however be unfair to not mention some of the pros of free workspaces, I mean they must have if not why are the largest companies going towards that route, right? So, as earlier stated, open spaces build and enhance communication between teams, they also help you work in a more relaxed mood and this can boos the employee’s creativity. They also give clients and potential staff a welcoming ambiance. You would agree that one of the things you look out for in a comoany during the interview is the office environment, you draw conclusions as to whether or not they are a great place to work and this is sometimes a great yardstick for judgment and sometimes not.

You must, however, be careful not to overdo this at your new office space or while carrying out a new office setting. What you want is a good place to work not some place for nursery school students. Make sure you allow a lot of natural light. A research by the Nortwerstern University¬†shows that employees at offices with more natural light sleep better, exercise more and work better, you really want to pay attention to your staff’s welfare don’t you? Also, bring in some nature (live plants especially), this makes your staff have a feel of the natural environment. Studies show that most people in urban areas have little contact with the natural environment so sharing some space with plants at the office is a good way to bridge this gap. Plants also help in terms of respiration, you know, and guess what-they also absorb noise-I bet you did not know that before now.

In conclusion, having a blend of both open spaces and cubicles would go a long way in maintaining productivity levels among employees with various approaches to work.

Till we meet again, ensure your work is profitable!