How to graduate with the relevant work experience.

Have you ever wondered why you see some vacancy adverts for your desired position but then they ask for 4 – 5 years working experience? You see this and you are asking, “how should I have gained such experience, I am just a fresh graduate?”

The current job market is extremely saturated and competitive, meaning it is now more difficult to get a job as a fresh graduate than it was 20 – 30 years ago. As they say, desperate times call for desperate measures. Graduates now must possess something others don’t.

Here then, are tips on what can be helpful:

1. Student Jobs
As a student, there are many roles you can apply for even with little work experience, while in school. The interesting part is that many businesses would not mind having you on board because it is a little cheaper to pay a student-worker than a normal staff. Also, the experience should be the goal and not the stipend. Look for a career path you would like to pursue and then look for companies around your school who offer such opportunities and approach them. Also, you may contact your school to know if they have any vacant roles for students within. The Students’ Union may likely be of help too.

2. Study Research
This is exactly useful if you know you will most definitely pursue your current study career. There are many professors, Ph.D candidates and lecturers who are constantly making research on various things. This will be a great opportunity to approach them and offer to help out in their research. You can offer to help with some practicals or typing or logistics or whatever. As long as you are able to work with them and gain sizeable experience. It is also an opportunity to develop a grood relationship with your lecturer, you may need them as referees in the nearest future. Prepare to demonstrate your intelligence to them and you may just be getting yourself a gig.

3. Internship
This is the most popular of all the tips. Apply for internship roles in as many companies as possible. Especially if you are considering a career change from your studied course. This is an enormous opportunity to learn about your newly found passion. Also, don’t prioritize money over learning experience, not at all! Check out internship vacancies on various job sites to see the latest openings or write personally to them.

4. Freelancing
While in school, you can involve yourself in remote jobs. There are a lot of freelance jobs that you can get on the internet, you should leverage on this. Also, you may approach many companies, especially media-related jobs, to propose your interest and to try convincing them to take you. This can help boost your CV in the process.

These are just a few tips on how you can gain work experience even as an undergraduate. Having this edge can really boost your CV and your chances of getting that job. This can stand you out from the rest of the competitions. Imagine starting a role at a retail store in SS3, then going on to get a student job or research assistant or an intern, and then you do that for the next four years. At the end of your study (if it is for a four years duration) you already have five (5) years working experience, even as a fresh graduate!

Give this a go and you will definitely boost your CV and job chances. Till we meet again, make sure all you do is profitable!