How to settle into a new job

So you’ve finally gotten your dream job and now for the next task of settling in well. You find yourself having all sort of butterflies in your stomach and it could also feel like a complete dream. If not properly managed it can lead to cold feet and in consequence, cost one the job as you struggle to play catch-up. Here’s why we’ve put together a few things that can be helpful in dealing with this kind of situation.

Let’s get started.

The first thing you should do on a new job is to get to understand what is expected of you in your new job. Few things are more embarrassing than you looking lost when your employer asks if you have done what is expected of you but you never knew was a part of your job description. Many people are usually too eager to start a new job without first grasping what exactly it is their job description means. Ask the HR to explain in detail any part you are not so sure about so as not to miss out on any part.

Once that is clarified, you should get to know your team better and introduce yourself to them. Virtually everyone in your team is excited to have a new person around (except of course, in some cases) and are eager to know about you, therefore, getting to about each member of your team–their names, where they live, if you have a car, what routes they take so you can help out, what they like, their views on certain things and so on–goes a long way in helping you settle in fast and they welcoming you even sooner than expected. Everyone wants to know that they are cared about and that they matter to other people and this can be a pointer to that. You can also take their contacts as well in case of any emergency, however, in doing all these, be careful not to “over-do” it in such a way that makes you seem like a stalker, you definitely don’t want to be seen as such, certainly not in your first few days or weeks.

Make friends or a friend, at least. After you have formed a bond with team members and colleagues, you can then select which of everyone will be your friend(s). You can invite her or him for lunch or serve him or her coffee or pay for her or his transport fare some day. Whatever you do just make sure you don’t feel lonely, there has never been a prize for the “lone-ranger” in the pack and there never will be.

Add value. You were employed to be an addition to the company, to bring value to the company not just to add to the existing number, therefore, go the extra mile to add some value to your colleagues and even supervisors. This can be either in a small way or a big one, from as small as refilling the coffee pot if you are taking the last cup to as large as relieving your boss of some extra work (you should be careful not to do this for eye-service’s sake though) or providing advice to colleagues over time. Just add some value to the staff, remember that when value flows to the staff then they can add value to others.

Learn how to navigate your new workplace. Get to find out where the toilet is, the best place for lunch, the lounge rules, best routes to the office from your house and back and where not to go within and outside the office premises. This will help you settle in faster, really, as you feel a sense of belonging even faster. You can ask a colleague for a short tour around the office and even to the lunch place.

Be organized and keep good habits. This is a new job and you don’t want to be known for incomptence or being untidy. So keep a good habit of resuming early and being organized with files or general tasks given, this can help you become a role model to others you never even knew were watching you, perhaps, they were not so good with such values.

Don’t be too uptight about a new job and therefore miss the sweetness of your new colleagues, this can determine how much you would enjoy your new job or not.

We hope these tips will help you settle into your new job faster and easier, till then, all the best in your new job!