Top skills for women to learn in Nigeria

Today, March 8, is International Women’s Day. A day to celebrate all women, their talent, their victories and their being, while this is not a time to spark up a mindset of men being competitions, it is a day to advocate for more women being tolerated in every sector and allowed to express themselves without being deprived of any benefit due to gender biases.

In commemoration of this special day, we have put up an article on some vital skills to gain in Nigeria this present age and time.

1. Graphics Design. This is one skill that is needed in any industry, whether financial or manufacturing or IT. Every company have either a product or a service rendered and each of them needs a visual impression, meaning they need a graphics designer to communicate to their customers and that’s where you come in. Research shows that females have more attention to detail than males and they tend to distinguish colors better, hence, females will do better in this field. A good place to learn this is New Horizons. Another centre is Aptech Nigeria. You can also take the path of self-study through youtube videos, online courses and other means (this may just require more level of commitment from you but it will be worth it.


2. Web and software programming. Just like graphics design, this is another skill (then high demand) which is highly needed in this digital age. Technology, these days, seeks to find new solutions to basics problems and at the core of this firms need programmers. While programming as a skill is quite a wide one, you may want to streamline what languages you want to specialize on, what type of programming you want to face, website (front-end or backend or both), Applications, genreral software programming or whatever. While learning and mastery take quite some time (dedicated time), it is definitely worth it. The above listed training centres also teach website and application progamming. If you will rather tow the line of self-study, and codecademy are great resource sites for this. Other female-specific training centres are girl code academy, afrotech girls and many others.


3. Digital Marketing. This is a field which has experienced a large burst in current times, especially with more women getting more invloved, as more brands switch from the traditional forms of advertising to digital and social media (which render a wide customer space and a visible audience which can be studied, streamlining adverts to appeal the customers) due to the reduction in cost they offer. However, the field is also quite wide, divided into analytics, social media marketing, contentent marketing to mention a few. This is also a skill that can be run remotely too, meaning, you have the opportunity to do some other stuff with your time (like hangouts with girlfriends, shopping or preparing some great meal). A good place to learn is Google’s Digital Skills for Africa. This is a free online course by google for Africans, you will also obtain a certification after the course which can be added to your CV.

4. UI/UX Design. Here’s a field which is relatively new in Nigeria. The search for customer-centered digital solutions and business-oriented products led to the birth of this sector. It involves designing, prototyping and testing products before the final production or programming, in terms of digital products. It is similar to graphics design but involves more research, detail and usability. A great place to learn this is youtube or ux planet as well as mockplus, there are tons of helpful videos on these websites.


These are just a few of the skills that will stand you out today and even in the future, as the workplace is becoming more digital by the day, you can also learn Cloud Computing and Data science, Creative Writing and so on. You really can learn anything you want to and exceljust remember that your gender is absolutely no limitation, so go out there and bless the world with your exceptional talent and gifts. Till we meet again, make sure whatever you do is profitable!

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